Four Seasons Off-Road Caravan; With its dynamic design, it keeps up with the modernity of the city, and is designed for nature life with its sharp lines and high ground… We wanted you to have the privilege of a safe, comfortable and free life on sunny beaches in summer, snowy mountains in winter, flower-covered plateaus in spring and the yellow of autumn...


Jaggervan’s renewed strength is now presented as the Crossover! This new generation caravan, equipped with independent suspension, offers you unparalleled comfort both in the city and in nature. Ready to hit the road?


Despite its size, Daphne is a caravan that makes big adventures possible. This special model is designed for offroad enthusiasts and nature lovers with its small dimensions and light structure.


Exciting Journeys with PC-330X; With its special design and special coating compatible with all pickup vehicles, it will be an indispensable part of instant escapes for you with a passion for adventure. While enjoying the freedom with its body structure resistant to harsh natural conditions, you will also feel yourself in the zone of safety and comfort.


Chicotcha is a new trailer type caravan model specially designed for those who are ready for adventure. With its durable structure suitable for off-road use, it will not let you down even on rough terrain.

LIBERTY Trailer Features

Total Length
520 cm
Total Width
207 cm
Total Height
255 cm On-Road, 270 cm Off-Road
Interior Height
200 cm
Interior Length
390 cm
Bed Capacity
2 + 2
1350 kg
1800 kg


BF Goodrich Off Road Wheel 265 75 R16 119/11616
Alko Brake Drum
Alko Support Legs
Alko Support Wheel


1000W Sinüs İnverter ( APEX )
3000W Sinüs İnverter ( APEX ) - Alternative
Apex 100 Ah Jel Akü - Additional
Apex 200 Ah Jel Akü - Additional
Difference between 200Ah lithium batteries
Outside Energy Source ( Need and Inverter )
USB + 220V Priz ( Inside – Need and Inverter )
340W Solar Panel ( APEX ) + Mppt Regulator 30Ah