DAPHNE Trailer Features

Total Height
Internal Height
140 cm
Internal Length
Internal Width
169 cm


Daphne attracts attention with its practical design, which includes a kitchen and a comfortable bed. Offroad capability offers the ability to travel over rough terrain, so you can push the limits to enjoy nature. It is also environmentally friendly by using energy efficiently and is an ideal option for long-term exploration. With Daphne, every journey turns into an unforgettable adventure.


Chassis and Suspension System

Knott Axle
Knott Brake Coupling
Knott Support Wheel
205/75 R15 Wheel&Rim

Exterior Design

GRP Composite Panel
Specially Designed Storage Areas ( 1100 LT )
Large Solid Kitchen Countertop (50x160 cm)

Interior Design

Interior Drawers and Cabinets
Bed Area (193x160 cm)

Energy System

Gel Battery ( Apex 100ah x 1 )
Battery Charger ( Meanwell )
Electric Charging Socket ( ABL )

Lighting and Control System

Control Panel (JaggerVan - System with Switch)
Indoor - Outdoor Lighting (Sanel)
Side Strip Lights -Front Lights
Rear Tail Lamp Group
12 volt cigarette lighter outlet
2 external USB (Virtual)

Gas System

Gas Regulator (Hob Connection Only)

Water Plumbing System

Locked water intake point (Berhimi)
Water Tank (90 Lt.)
Submersible Pump

Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

UNIVERCALMOBİL B3964 - TS - S - Stove with Sink

Window and Ventilation Equipment

Window with Fly Screens and Curtains - 3 pieces ( 30x50 )
Window with Fly Screens and Curtains - 2 pieces ( 30x70 )

Safety, Emergency, and Adventure Equipment

Gas Detector
CO Detector
Single Manual Step
Rear Adventure Kit


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Energy System

Lighting and Control System

Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

Water and Space Heater

Comfort Equipment

Safety, Emergency, and Adventure Equipment

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