COMMANDO Trailer Features

Total Length
322 cm
Total Width
204 cm
Total Height
199 cm
189 cm
Bed Capacity
2 + 1
650 kg


Exciting Journeys with PC-330X; 
With its special design and special coating compatible with all pickup vehicles, 
it will be an indispensable part of instant escapes for you with a passion for adventure. 
While enjoying the freedom with its body structure resistant to harsh natural 
conditions, you will also feel yourself in the zone of safety and comfort.


Exterior Design

Durable Aluminum Body
Polyurea Coated Leakproof Body Structure
Easy-to-Remove Body with Jacked Structure
Design Compatible with Double Cab Pickup Models
Exterior Color : Matt, Grained RAL 7021 ( Black )
PC-330X Logo Outerwear Applicable in Different Colors

Interior Design

Intelligenter Design-Layoutplan
Ergonomic Design Kitchen And Bathroom
Interior Drawers and Cabinets
Large Bed (150x190cm)
Table Design Convertible to Extra Bed (50x190cm)
Sofa And Bed Upholstery

Lighting and Control System

Control Panel ( CBE PC100 )
Indoor Lighting (Sanel)
Backlighting (Virtual)
12 volt cigarette lighter outlet
2 external USB (Virtual)

Water Plumbing System

Locked water intake point (Berhimi)
Water tank (40 Lt.)
Hydrophore ( Jabsco )
Expansion tank ( Singflo )

Gas System

Gas regulator

Window and Ventilation Equipment

50x70 Ceiling Heki ( MPK )
Bathroom Ventilation Aspirator
Double-Layer Special Production Glasses Integrated With Design

Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

One-Eyed Combination Cooker ( Can )
Hot & Cold Folding Faucet ( Can )
Bathroom Sink ( Smooth 70)
Bathroom Faucet ( Trigger Faucet with Comet-spiral )

Energy System

Gel Battery ( Apex 100ah )
Battery Charger ( Meanwell )
Electric Charging Socket


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Energy System

Lighting and Control System

Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

Water and Space Heater

Comfort Equipment

Safety, Emergency, and Adventure Equipment

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